THE LATEST FROM AFRICA: Farmaajo’s Clan Cronies.


The Africa Report in London has reported that, except PM Hassan Ali Kheyre, there is no one single Hawiye who had a power within the President Farmaajo’s regime. The Africa Report mentioned that the Daarood held the most resourceful and powerful ministries within the regime. So power inherently lies in the Daarood ministers such as Jamaal Hassan, Abdi Hosh, Ahmed Iise Awad, Abdullahi Bidhaan, Omaar and others.

The Africa Report further pointed out that the Marehan powerholders appointed by Farmaajo over the last two years to top positions to promote his clan are now employed in every sector of the dysfunctional civil service. The Africa Report presented a concrete research data on clan members stationed at the Villa Somalia and the diplomatic missions overseas, mentioning that the most influential diplomats in all the embassies are the First Secretaries who are solely handpicked uneducated Mareehaan corps, sent by Farmaajo to represent him and report to the international community. These clan cronies are tasked by Farmaajo to feed false propaganda against the Hawiye clan.

The Africa Report referred as an example to the case of the Marehan First Secretary Xabiib who is apparently more powerful than Ambassador Tarzan, because President Farmaajo obtains his daily report from Xabiib, not from Tarzan who himself is suspected of having a close secret relationship with his former boss President Shariif.

Source: The Africa Report